Restart: Turnaround Partnership





Application Window | October 23, 2023 to December 7, 2023 (CLOSED)

Awards announced to the field | February 8, 2024 (Estimated)

Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) | March 18, 2024 to May 17, 2024 (60 days)



Restart: Turnaround Partnerships

The Restart Turnaround Partnership provides the option for districts to conduct a rigorous process and authorize a partner to manage a school as an in-district charter school to dramatically transform outcomes for students. 
The partner organization’s ESF-aligned school model must be codified in an approved agreement with the district, including clear goals for improved student outcomes through a performance contract.
Restart school

Why Choose this Action?

Deliver comprehensive change while maintaining a neighborhood district school by transforming it into a high-quality option that best meets the community’s needs
Expand your district’s school portfolio by authorizing partners with school models that have a track record of success and secure additional per-pupil resources to achieve success for students.
Allow a strong leader and instructional team to transform the school using ESF-aligned model with highly-qualified educators and staff

Key Elements

  • New leader, new staff - district or partner employees
  • Students remain district students, and the partnership campus’ accountability gains count for the districts’ accountability.
  • District maintains ultimate responsibility over the partnership through negotiated performance measures and financial goals in the performance agreement
  • Partner has sole autonomy over staffing, curriculum, budgets, and calendar

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • What is the current landscape of potential partner organizations, such as a non-profit or institution of higher education in your community?
  • Who will lead Call for Quality Schools process? What additional stakeholders will you involve?
  • What is your local political climate concerning Texas Partnerships / SB 1882 schools? Who might you need to engage to ensure buy-in?