New School: Texas Partnership

Create a Texas Partner-Managed New School

A New School Action expands your district’s school portfolio with a research-based school model that incorporates high-quality instructional materials, research-based instructional strategies, and strong school culture.

Texas Partner-Managed New Schools provide the option for districts to conduct a rigorous process and authorize a partner to manage a school as an in-district charter school to fill a need within its community.
Create a new school

Why Choose this Action?

Satisfy community demand for new, higher-performing options and increase enrollment by attracting students to new offerings to meet the needs of specific student group
Expand your district’s school portfolio with  innovative, research-based school models that use high-quality instructional materials, new and empowered leadership and staff  to achieve success for students.
Leaders can leverage additional annually recurring per pupil funding and additional start-up grants to transform a school’s academic program and outcomes

Key Elements

  • New leader, new staff - district or partner employees
  • District maintains ultimate responsibility over the partnership through negotiated performance measures and financial goals in the performance agreement.
  • Districts have the authority to monitor and provide oversight and may extend the partnership term or revoke the partnership if performance and financial goals are not met
  • In order for decision making rights to remain as close to the students as possible and allow for fidelity of implementation of the proposed model, partner has sole autonomy over staffing, curriculum, budgets, and calendar.

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • What is the current landscape of potential partner organizations, such as a non-profit or institution of higher education in your community?
  • Who will lead Call for Quality Schools process? What additional stakeholders will you involve?
  • What is your local political climate concerning Texas Partnerships / SB 1882 schools? Who might you need to engage to ensure buy-in?