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School Action Fund Resources

*School Model Playbooks offer a variety of codified school models that have a track record of success in Texas. Support to plan and implement several evidence-based ESF models in the playbook series is available through the School Action Fund based on TEA priorities. Check back annually in September for models supported through the School Action Fund.

Below you can find webinar recordings, videos, and collateral to help you further explore school actions.

ADSY Full Year Playbook

ADSY Full Year is an innovative model that is grounded in international research. It maximizes the potential benefits of an extended school year by fundamentally restructuring the school calendar and daily schedules. With the benefit of more time, ADSY Full Year provides an opportunity to creatively reimagine a typical school day, exploring new strategies that can benefit both students and teachers.

K-8 Advanced STEM Playbook

The K-8 Advanced STEM Playbook described an advanced level of STEM implementation, with STEM pedagogy and instruction are infused in every aspect of the student experience and include supplemental programming.

K-8 College & Career Prep Model

In Texas, only 36% of Texas graduates are completing a 2-year or 4-year college degree within six years, despite a 90% high school graduation rate. 

K-8 Montessori Playbook

Modern cognitive science supports many of Montessori’s theories about how children learn best: with a knowledge-rich curriculum that uses sensory, hands-on materials in a carefully-curated environment, with movement and choice, and with and from peers in a collaborative community that avoids extrinsic rewards.

Resource Campus Playbook

This action is designed for district leaders who are interested in a research and evidence-based district turnaround approach and have a desire to design, plan, and implement tactics that will align district systems at a macro level. (TIA, HQIM, and ADSY), while specifically improving the campus(es) of greatest need at the micro level through the ACE model.

Rural P20 System Model Playbook

The Rural P-20 System Model offers a holistic approach to address the challenges outlined above and improve educational outcomes for all students within a single school district.


K-8 Dual Language Immersion Model Playbook

The Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program model is an additive academic program model that uses language and a student’s full linguistic repertoire to access rigorous content for high academic achievement.

PTECH Playbook

By implementing the P-TECH model, Texas school leaders can address the need for improved access to postsecondary options for high school students across demographic groups while also benefiting from significant support from the Texas Education Agency.

TEA Authorizer Handbook

This Authorizer Handbook is intended to serve, above all, as a playbook offering practical guidance to help district board members and the district staff involved in day-to-day authorizing (“authorizing staff”) carry out their work in alignment with national best practices. The guidance and accompanying attachments are designed to be adapted to fit the local context of each district.


Texas Partnership Resource

This guide describes what Texas Partnerships are, the different kinds of Texas Partnerships, outlines the process of applying for Texas Partnerships benefits, and provides guidance for developing strong district charter partnerships.


AB Duncan Case Study

Learn how AB Duncan ES sought campus transformation in order to uplift their large population of economically disadvantaged students using high quality instructional materials and strategies.

La Promesa High School Case Study

Listen to Aldine ISD's team describe their journey in designing and opening La Promesa, a school for Newcomers.