Reassign: Transfer

Transfer Students to Higher Quality Schools

Districts close a low performing school and support the thoughtful transfer of students into existing A or B schools by communicating with families, providing school options to students, and allocating resources to the students’ new schools to ensure a smooth transition.
Districts should consider this action if the district determines closure is the best option for a persistently struggling school, can commit to supporting students through the process, and is able to create space at existing high-quality schools where students will be better served. 


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Why Choose this Action?

Immediately expand access to schools with a track record of success in improving outcomes.
Partner with the community to plan for a smooth transition and potential future use of the facility.
Access funding to ensure students and schools are supported through every phase of the transition

Key Elements

  • Place more students in higher performing schools immediately while working to ensure learning acceleration support and a sense of belonging for transitioned students
  • Identification of Transition Schools
  • Family and Community Engagement Partnerships
  • Student and Family Transition Support Planning
  • Facility Repurposing Planning

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • What is the relevant history and context surrounding the closing school? In what ways would reassignment serve impacted students better than alternative school actions?
  • To what extent is the district prepared to incorporate family and community feedback into the planning process?
  • Which campuses have the leadership capacity, available seats, and track record of success to accept and support reassigned students?
  • What additional resources would you need in order to effectively transfer students?