Redesign: Blended Learning

Redesign a Campus with a Blended Learning Model

Blended Learning School Redesigns reimagine school using both in-person and online instructional approaches to personalize learning for all students and address learning acceleration needs.


Redesign a school

Why Choose this Action?

Satisfy community demand for a flexible option that enables personalized learning to meet students’ unique needs.
Empower an existing leader and staff with high-quality instructional materials, research-based instructional strategies, training, and supportive school climate.
Develop a strategy for blended learning that will prepare students for success and support teachers by providing them with high quality professional development.

Key Elements

  • Planning Year Leader with dedicated time to lead a school redesign process facilitated by a TA provider
  • ESF-aligned school model that incorporates one of the following blended learning models in at least math and ELAR:
    • Station rotation
    • Lab rotation
    • Flipped classroom
    • Individual rotation
  • Extended day/year to maximize learning acceleration

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • How will you need to prepare your staff and adjust your programmatic structures to implement a new curriculum and instructional strategies with fidelity? 
  • Which blended learning model is best suited to the goals of your action and community needs?
  • How will you integrate both in-school and at home learning?
  • What additional resources would you need in order to effectively implement Blended Learning?