Redesign: Rural Collaborative

Redesign a Campus with a Rural Collaborative Model

Rural Collaboratives are formal partnerships among regionally proximal rural districts designed to increase post-secondary options for students. These districts will collaborate to identify or create an intermediary organization to coordinate and oversee college and career pathways for their students that are aligned to regional labor market needs and lead to family-sustaining careers.




Redesign a school

Why Choose this Action?

Deepen existing college and career pathways and offer new ones for students to access



Leverage outside expertise to design high-quality pathways that are aligned to regional labor market needs and lead to family-sustaining careers

Access additional resources and funding, including additional CTE weighted funding and CCMR outcomes bonuses, that reward student success in school and life


Key Elements

  • Identify regionally proximal districts to co-create the Rural Collaborative
  • Develop an ESF and CCRSM-aligned school plan reviewed and approved by TEA that results in more high-quality post secondary pathway options for students across districts
  • Develop collaborative structures to share data, split financial resources equitably, and maximize collective impact

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • How will you integrate career awareness and experiences into the redesigned K-8 educational model
  • What activities and strategies will help ensure students are ready to engage in PTECH coursework and CCMR opportunities? 
  • Does your district have sufficient ECE capacity to begin early preparation for the P-20 model? 
  • Who are the key stakeholders you will need to involve in order to ensure system-wide alignment?