Redesign: Rural P-20

Redesign a Rural Campus with a P-20 Model

Rural P-20 School Redesign reimagines rural schools to provide more rigorous experiential learning opportunities that are integrated with the community and local economic landscape. Rural P-20 System models must be developed to redesign campuses within PK-8 grade level bands to serve rural community needs, align to P-TECH college and career pathways in P-20 systems that support work-based learning opportunities across the district which focus on serving all students PK through post-high-school.


Redesign a school

Why Choose this Action?

Deliver a comprehensive districtwide change while focusing on college and career success for all students PK-post high school 


 Engage and support families in promoting collaboration and a student-centered learning environment designed to support students, families, and rural communities
Leverage additional funding to deeply engage in the levers of the Effective School Framework for academic outcomes while designing programs of study leading to high-wage, high-demand careers


Key Elements

  • Community connections through project-based learning and embedded student enterprises - experiential learning in elementary and blended learning in middle grades.
  • District must align Pre-K-8th grade model and practices with P-TECH for-all 9th grade and above.
  • The district must identify a Planning Year Leader to design and implement a whole-school model with at least 20 hours of release time and a District Leader to oversee the alignment of the PK-12+ efforts 
  • Career experience through CTE and P-TECH programming with a focus on certifications that provide immediate opportunities for students
  • College success through dual credit opportunities, AVID courses, high impact tutoring, instructional rounds, and extended school day or year 
  • Model must include extended day and year to provide support for all learners

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • How will you integrate career awareness and experiences into the redesigned K-8 educational model
  • What activities and strategies will help ensure students are ready to engage in PTECH coursework and CCMR opportunities? 
  • Does your district have sufficient ECE capacity to begin early preparation for the P-20 model? 
  • Who are the key stakeholders you will need to involve in order to ensure system-wide alignment?