Restart a Struggling School

Restart a Struggling School as a Partner-Managed or ACE Campus

The district transforms a struggling school into a high-quality option for families. The district can select a partner to manage the school, or implements the ACE model focused on strategic staffing and instructional excellence.This evidence-based School Action and model must be Effective Schools Framework-aligned, including high-quality instructional materials. All current students can stay and the school may remain a neighborhood school.
Restart a struggling school


Provide a high-quality option through a partner with a track record of success and evidence-backed model
Maintain a neighborhood school while quickly creating a high-quality option for families
Leverage outside expertise to deliver a more diverse set of schools and programs
Partner managed

Partner-Managed Restart

  • Transform a school by authorizing a partner to manage a school restart.
  • Select a proven partner through a rigorous process to implement a new ESF-aligned model.
  • Partner selects new leadership and staff, overhauling the school’s academic program and culture.
District managed

 ACE Model Restart

  • Transform a school with the ACE model, focused on strategic staffing and instructional excellence.
  • Select new leadership and staff for the ESF-aligned new school model.
  • All current students can stay and the school will remain a district school.

    Partner-Managed Spotlight: Beaumont ISD

    With three schools in IR status for four years, Beaumont School District wanted to take bold action to transform these schools while ensuring the school stayed open for students and communities. Recognizing that school improvement efforts had not succeeded in the past, BISD sought organizations with a track record of turning schools around by administering a Call for Quality Schools. BISD selected Responsive Education Solutions to restart one school and and Phalen Leadership Academies to restart two schools. The schools opened under a new partnership agreement in August 2019 and the partners are accountable to the district for improving outcomes by 2021.

    ACE Model Spotlight:        Garland ISD

    Garland ISD chose to restart Handley Elementary School and Lyles Middle School and implement the ACE model to quickly and dramatically increase student achievement and create a high performing culture. Garland ISD chose this approach after researching evidence-based restart models and visiting and learning from schools in Dallas and Fort Worth ISD who had implemented the ACE model with great success. Handley ES and Lyles MS both earned a “B” rating after 1 year of the ACE model following multiple consecutive years of “D” and “F” performance.


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